What is Awakening?

Awakening is a retreat run by college students, for college students.

Awakening is an overnight retreat that runs Friday night through Sunday afternoon ending with the Mass. The retreat is designed to ‘awaken’ your faith, bringing you fellowship as well as strengthening your relationship with God during your college life.

Maybe you have been to a retreat or two in the past, or never even thought of willingly giving up your weekend to deepen your relationship with God. Blue Raider Awakening is designed to help all students, no matter where they happen to be in their faith journey currently. Whether your faith is steadfast and certain, you have a couple of doubts that need to be answered, or you’re not sure at all what you believe, Blue Raider Awakening can help provide some of those answers or at least help you define the questions. Come for a deepening of your faith or just to experience the fellowship of the Christian community. Whatever your reason for coming, you will leave with a new outlook on life.

We accept retreaters in and out of college and of any age, though the retreat is designed for college students age 18-26. We also accept retreaters of any faith. Though this is a Catholic retreat, you do NOT have to be Catholic to attend.

Come out and join us for a weekend of amazing talks, faith sharing, and fellowship with other College Christians!


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